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My name is Dexter, your Website Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, WordPress Themes & Plugins Developer, and Marketing Consultant.

We are a professional software, SEO service and social media marketing company. We will help you setup your accounts and pages along with generating traffic and more exposure on the internet for your brand, product, service, company, or even if you are an individual.

As a Website Developer, I’ve always created my own custom WordPress Themes and Plugins to outrank my competitors and accommodate particular industry niche project needs. Reading and sharing on WordPress Codex is one of my favorite daily routines.

I created YMYLThemes dot com to share my Custom Developed Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins with all other progressive Digital Marketing Professionals around the world.

I am obsessed with SEO, High Rankings, Productivity and Efficiency.

I constantly develop many websites using WordPress and one area that has always consumed too much of my time has been creating the Legal Pages, Footer Links, Copyright Notices, and Copyright Year updates.

If I can save a few hours on a task that I carry out repeatedly, I know that I will save a lot of time and money in the long run. Every New Year’s Eve for the past 9 years, I’ve spent countless hours updating the Copyright year on every client’s website and my own network of sites so as to ensure that Google wouldn’t punish me for not having current content.

If you’re anything like me, then you spend a lot of time in WordPress, which means that there is a lot of scope for boosting your productivity if you know what to do to make the most of the world’s favorite Content Management System.

With that in mind, I decided to develop two new time saving Plugins to help me rank higher in the SERPs, save time and money. One is named the “YMYL Footer Plugin and the second is named the “YMYL Schema Plugin; both will save you time and money too!

Recognizing early on that structured data gives any website a tremendous rankings boost, I also created a New Schema Markup Theme based on the foundation of WordPress Twenty Sixteen with structured data built right in.

You’ll also find several other valuable resources on this site that I’ve developed to help enhance perfect site SEO, and to rank and market client sites, as well as my own.

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