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If you’d like to schedule just one hour with me to discuss how I can help you have immediate breakthrough’s in your business then go ahead and get started here!

If you’re looking for a complete transformation in your online business and require long term personal, one-on-one coaching in order to achieve your life and business goals, you’ll want to read about my complete business transformation program.

As you already know, I’ve achieved tremendous success in my life and in multiple businesses and industries, but I’ve also been there when the waves crashed and took nearly everything with them…or I divorced and the ex-wife took everything with her.  I’ve been through countless ups and downs to know not only how grueling the journey can be, but also how rewarding the payoff is in the end.  And through my experience, I’ve learned exactly how much dedication, perseverance and discomfort is necessary in order to break through and succeed, and all sorts of tips and tricks for how to exactly do that.

I’ve debated for years with whether or not I should offer personal coaching.  I love focusing all of my energy on my very profitable businesses and ventures, and creating new ones to make another stellar success.

I have an acute allergy to laziness, ignorance, and sociopaths.

That’s why I’m very selective. I choose a handful of people to personally work with, one-on-one, to help them reach higher pinnacles of success and achievement in their own business lives.

I say very selectively because I know exactly what it takes to be successful and just how challenging it is – and I can only help people who demonstrate an exceptionally high standard of commitment to taking action, following through and staying accountable.

If you are committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed and are interested in working with me one-on-one as one of my students, here is what I can offer you:

One-On-One Personal Coaching With Dexter

Put my experience and proven record of success and excellence to work for you and your business. This is my only coaching option, and it is designed for people who are serious about their success.

One-Hour Live Personal Call With Me, Every Single Month

You will get 100% of my focus and attention down to the very last second of a one-hour call with me every single month, via telephone or Skype.  We will get right down to business and discuss the things that are holding you back, and the specific action steps you need to take in order to move forward toward your goals.  With each call, we will revisit the past month’s commitments and I will hold you accountable for how you followed through with them.  This is not an hour of small-talk, this is the nuts and bolts of what really makes people successful online!

Personal Email Access To Me Every Single Day

Every single day between our calls, you will be able to email me with questions and for advice, and I will respond to at least one email every single day.  We might end up replying back and forth with each other several times, but I guarantee as a minimum that I will write you back with an answer every day you send me an email.  You can ask me practical questions about the direction you are going in, your individual action steps, as well as questions about specific business tools and tasks, and I will come back to you with answers so that you are 100% supported for all the days between our calls.

Unlimited Access To All My Products Are Included

I will give you unlimited access to all my info products, which teach you, step-by-step, everything from how to make YouTube videos to how to start a Mobile Marketing Business.  This is an invaluable resource worth over tens of thousands of dollars – but you get access to my entire library for free for as long as you are my coaching student.

At-Cost Access To My Team For Services

I have teams in place that I use in my own businesses – teams for everything from copy-writing to link building to graphics design.  If you need specific services that I have a team I use for, I will help you get them done by my experts, at my cost.  You will get your tasks done with the same quality demanded by some of the world’s leading Digital Marketers, at the same, hard-negotiated high-volume prices we spend, which could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s hard to put a price tag on something that has infinite value.  Realistically, you can get as much value as you choose from coaching with me – whether that means growing your business by $50,000 a year or adding millions of dollars to your bottom line.  As your mentor and coach, I am ready to help you make as much of a return on your investment in me as your coach as you are willing to commit to!

As I already said, I am looking for a specific type of student: one with an exceptionally high level of commitment.  As your coach, with everything I am offering above, there is no doubt of my level of commitment to you.  That’s why my One-On-One Personal Coaching is a $15,000 annual investment.  I want to make sure that we are both serious and in it for long-term success, not a one or two month quick fix.  I want us to look back at the end of an entire year of coaching and see such a growth in your bottom line that there is no doubt in your mind that your $15,000 investment paid for itself over many, many times.

That’s why I also want to make absolute certain that our relationship will work out.  If after 10 days, either of us has any doubts that our coaching relationship is one that will bring success and an incredible return on your investment, I will refund your money and we can both go our separate ways.

I want you to be 100% comfortable that your investment in me as your coach will be one that will bring about incredible things in your life.

Coaching Application

If you are interested and serious about spending the next year with me coaching you one-on-one, you must provide skin in the game.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you make this coming year your most successful ever.

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