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If you have ever setup WordPress sites you know how many different screens you must access… Click this, click that, change this setting, change that one… Total madness!

Newbies are driven crazy and developers are spending way too much time answering questions. Imagine being able to click one place in the WordPress admin area, load a single screen and ALL the settings needed to launch your site are presented!

WP EZ Setup Plugin makes your life easier! Because it replaces the standard WordPress Setup procedure with its own; much easier and better one!

How Is This Plugin Different?

Standard WordPress Setup vs. WP EZ Setup

WordPress setup craziness and panic

Standard WordPress Setup

the WP EZ Setup Method

the WP EZ Setup Method

Setup WordPress From One Screen


Delete those unwanted widgets and even add new themes


Delete those unwanted widgets and even add new themes.

Plugin Management

Install and activate your plugin's in unison and all at once.


Install and activate your plugins in unison and all at once.


Post & Categories

Delete default posts, add new posts (+pages) and manage categories


Delete default posts, add new posts (+pages) and manage categories.

Settings Management

Title, description, permalinks, notifications, front page and more.


Title, description, permalinks, notifications, front page and more.



WP EZ Plugin Setup Admin


step1-delete unwanted content
step2-install theme
step3-install plugin
step4-add pages
step5-add categories
step6-add posts
step7-edit blog information


wordpress emblem used for WP EZ Setup Plugin

WordPress is hands down, the best blogging tool on the planet. It has been around a very long time and is constantly maintained, which means stability! But it scares newbies and oftentimes makes developers shake in their shoes when coming to setting it up.

Being a developer myself, I needed a way for clients (and sites we flip) to easily setup their custom made sites. Some pay to have WordPress sites completely setup but, there are many who wish to save money with a custom theme and our recommended plugins. Then, they setup the rest – BUT… JC, support issues were consuming way too much of my time.

After some trial and error, I came up with the perfect solution. That solution is WP EZ Setup Plugin! You or your clients can now setup WordPress easily and customize all the popular settings to your needs – QUICKLY.

Easily specify or select pages that your site needs or even add other pages that you already have… like About Us, Legal, Terms, Privacy and much more. Install and activate the plugins together, and also add or erase the WordPress default posts, categories, etc.

save time and money with WP EZ Setup Plugin


This Premium Plugin is a HUGE TIME SAVER and allows easy setup of WordPress with complete features in just a few minutes.


Simple To Use Plugin

Full Documentation Included!

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