YouTube Schema Markup Plugin

Benefit from Schema Markup on your YouTube Embedded Videos






The YMYL YouTube Schema Markup Plugin allows you to easily add Structured Data to your site for YouTube Embedded Videos.

Take advantage of adding Schema Markup to BOOST rankings on your YouTube Embedded Videos with this plugin.



Search engines love Schema Markup on your site because it’s what their bots read and understand.

Google highly recommends using the on-page markup for videos. The vocabulary was developed and is supported by Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Using to describe your videos will allow Google to index and show your videos in search. Search engines have NO CLUE what your video is about unless you add markup!

The YMYL YouTube Schema Markup Plugin uses proper markup according to

  • Use the type to describe videos. (Find the full specification at
  • Make sure that your video and markup are visible without executing any JavaScript or Flash. To see how your site will appear to Google, you should view your play pages in a text-only browser such as Lynx, or a more conventional browser where you’ve confirmed that Flash and JavaScript are disabled.
  • You can and should also submit a video Sitemap that helps Google discover your videos and provides additional information about your video content.

Adding VideoObject to a video page

Add markup directly to the HTML of your video page with the YMYL YouTube Schema Markup Plugin. The markup will not be visible to users and will not affect how your page looks. When Google crawls your page, they’ll use this information to index your video. While only a few properties are required, providing additional information helps Google understand your video and enhance its appearance in search results. VideoObject properties

Google recommends marking up your video content with the following tags. See the full list of VideoObject properties at

Once you have added markup to your page with the YMYL YouTube Schema Markup Plugin, you can easily use the Rich Snippet Testing Tool to make sure that Google can correctly read your markup. If your markup shows up correctly in the tool, Google will read and process it the next time they crawls your page.

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